29 days beginner challenge

Hello, I have just started on 29 days challenge. During my second lesson, I have an issue with app. Everything is going as per video, screen is not filled with background image as per Chris’s video, when changing orientation from landscape to portrait. I am using Xcode 12. Any suggestion?

Thank you

What App are you coding in the 29 Day challenge?
What video are you referring to?
What are you seeing on the screen (provide screen captures)?
What code is not working as you expected (provide sample code)?

The more information you provide the greater the likelihood that you will get a sensible answer.

Hi Chris,

I am referring to Lesson 2.

I am following Chris’s video for sample app.

Great, that helps heaps.

What you need to do is select the background from the Document Outline and then open up the Inspector panel on the right and choose the “attributes” inspector. Look down the list of attributes till you find View and then look at the Content Mode options. Select “Aspect Fill” and that should make the image expand to make use fo the available space no matter what the device orientation is.