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A big thank you for my victories :)

With the help of the various tutorial vids I’ve successfully published two apps on the App Store and Mac App Store: More or Less Kid’s Game and Where is Moji?

Couldn’t have done it without the help from your vids, Chris, so a big Thank You!
Mark (HightonRidley)


That’s awesome Mark!!! :clap::clap::clap:

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Congrats! Have you coded before taking these courses?

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A long time ago, ajuarbe, I learnt BASIC, COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, Modula-2, Logo and a bit of assembler (6502) as a student and later as a hobbyist. More recently I’ve been working in fairly straightforward javascript.
Never worked on a declarative language before and it was (is!) hard to get my head round :wink:

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We are so, so proud of you, Mark! This is definitely very encouraging!

If you only want, feel free to submit your apps to us using this form:

The best is yet to come for you!