Access to Paid Course

Hello @Katrina, can you verify me and add me to the Course Student topic?


Sure! I just added you to the Students’ group. Welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

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hey Katrina i would like to see if you could verify me and add me as well :smiley:

@Arturo_Brana the best way is to contact for these types of questions

On the help topic it says to contact @Katrina

@Arturo_Brana actually please fill out this form.

Hey @James_M and @Arturo_Brana , where did you find in the course telling you to contact Katrina for Students forum access? We must’ve missed updating that spot… The new procedure is to use this form:

But please let us know where you saw to contact Katrina and we’ll get that corrected. Thank you!

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Hi Chris. It’s in this post: Read Me First: How To Ask For Help

Under step 6

Found it here, sorry for the trouble hope i didnt bother you too much

Thanks Arturo for helping us point that out! We’ve updated that document and granted you access to the Students section. I’m going to go ahead and close this topic now!