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Adam's NBA State App Journey

Hey Code Crew!

I’m jumping on the app journey. Not had chance before now to get going, but hopefully make some progress over the weekend! :smiley:

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Only had chance to make a bit of progress over the weekend eventually.
Got a basically calendar working to select the dat to view the games from.

… which can then be drilled into to see the game details (although not yet properly populated, obviously! lol)

And then got a semi-working standings page, although again not yet working properly, lol.

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Woo!! Good progress so far!

I’ve taken the last week off to focus on some other bits, but done some more today. I’ve decided against messing around with getting SVGs to work in SwiftUI, so have opted to simply download/convert all of the logos ahead of time.

Also been having a lovely time playing with the UI, although probably need to focus a bit more on the rest of the app functionality, lol.


WOW I love the UI! :+1:t5:

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Haven’t had chance to look at the app in the last week+ unfortunately, so I’m having to go with the app in its current state.

It’s working for the most part - the only oddity I’ve found is that when marking teams as favourites (via the star on the team page), it doesn’t automatically update the UI in the team page, nor the team list. It does update the UI if I come out of the team page and go back in, but for whatever reason it doesn’t do it as soon as you change it. :confused:

YouTube Video


Love the interface - cool how each team has a color, which matches the main color in its respective logo (76ers with a blue icon, Nets with black etc).

Also, I like the Team stats page! Easy way to see home wins, away wins, streaks etc. Nice looking app overall! Thanks for the share, and YouTube video

Potentially little leagues or someone else could even use this

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