Adding onboarding walkthough slides to an existing App

Hello Everyone!

First I would like to say that I’m really excited to join this great community.

I have been using internet for help for a long time, but Chris caught my attention on youtube with his unique and simple way of how he put things together in an easy and fun way.

OK enough talk, I’ll get to the point, I’m sorry.! :smiley:

I have been looking on how to add a nice neat onboarding page with slides to my existing App. I went through many tutorial but none of them explains how at the end you can go to the main storyboard or maybe in my case to the splash screen itself if you clicked on the “skip” or “Get started” buttons.

I want my App to start with the onboarding view (IF the user is running the App for the first time) then shows what’s next, in my case the splash screen (Launch view)

Could I find here a video link or even a web toturial link to help me accomplish this, please? I would really appreciate it
Note: I’m looking for something that looks like this :

Thank you

Welcome to the community Adel!

Brian Voong of LBTA (Let’s Build That App) has a tutorial that’s exactly this!!!

But this may be tougher for a beginner because it is all programmatic UI! No storyboards!

Hello Mikaela,
Thanks a million for you help. That’s exactly what I needed, I don’t mind doing lots of coding as long as I will get the result I need.
I have been doing my own homework too since yesterday and did something similar. Now I have this funny dilemma which is that the original project is in Objective-c and the welcomeView I added I did it with swift code.
I’m stuck with the final step which is to check if the user is new ( First time to run the App) so it will show the welcome onboarding to him/her, otherwise it will just open the App normally.
here is what i did:

  1. created swift WelcomeViewController ( bugs free)
  2. created swift class to to check if user is new or not ( bug free)
  3. Now since in my case the splash screen is the initial screen, I wanted to add a code calling the swift class methods which are basically Bool that returns this: !UserDefaults.standard.bool(forKey:“isNewUser”)
    But the splash file is .m file and I already imported the project-swift.h and added @class classname to .h file, then initiated the class in .m file. But no luck to make the .m file recognize the method isNewUser() from the Core.swift class file

Here is the swift version of the code I want to run in the .m file:
Hints: class file name is Core, class name inside it is Core with define let shared = Core()

if Core.shared.isNewUser(){
//show onBoarding
let vc = storyboard?.instantitialViewController(identifier:“welcome”) as@ WelcomeViewController
vc.modalPresentationstyle = /fullscreen
present (vc, animated:true)

Any idea how can i make it work?

and thanks again for the reply, I really appreciate it!