Adding rectangle to List works but why does it break on rotation?

I am trying to add a rounded rectangle to my list items in a zstack. It all seems to work great, until I rotate my iPhone, then the list either disappears and another view shows up or the list rotates but uses only half the screen in landscape and displays another view behind it that has not even been called up yet.

Here is the the code I’m trying to use. If I remove this, the list goes back to just plain white and works perfect.

    RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 10)
                            .fill(LinearGradient(gradient: Gradient(colors: [Color.gray,]), startPoint: .topLeading, endPoint: .bottomTrailing))
                                        .clipShape(RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 10))
                                        //.padding(.horizontal, 4)
                            .shadow(color: Color("ButtonShadows"), radius: 3, x: 3, y: 3)

Below is screenshot of it in landscape.

I was able to figure it out after doing some more research. This is “normal” behavior and its putting the navigation view into a hidden side bar on the left. I found a youtube video that explains how to deal with this by either creating a default view that lets the user know to swipe from the left, or a way to force it to not split the navigation bar to the left side.