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Adventures in Swift

Hello, my name is Luke and I am here to build my app development skills. I completed the War Game project on the weekend after watching the YouTube series and decided to sign up. I finished a Bachelor of Information Technology in 2020 which had one iOS programming subject but was mostly Java. I am interested in full stack development, I have been looking into php & MySQL for APIs lately. If you want to chat on Discord, I’m LukeRG#6499.

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Welcome to the forum.

I’m fairly new here, too. Still trying to get my head around everything.

I’ve dabbled a bit in php & MySQL / MariaDB (self-taught) over the years, but the work I was doing with that dried up so now I’m having a bash at learning iOS App Development and that’s why I’m here.

The way the courses are set up here makes them pretty easy to follow, but I do sometimes have trouble getting my ageing head to keep on top of it all. :smiley:

Make sure you keep us updated with your progress.

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Welcome! :wave::wave:

Hey Luke, if you’re interested in full-stack, I can’t recommend enough the RedwoodJS framework. It implements something called the JavaScript Asynchronous Markup Stack (JAMStack), which has crazy-fast performance speeds.

With this, you render everything that you can, so that you can pre-cache it on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with its nodes around the world serving the content to the user. So if you have users in Japan, then it serves them content from a node in Japan; same thing if you have users in London, then it serves them content from a CDN node in London.

Furthermore, it will even execute server-side code on a serverless CDN node, which means you don’t have to pay for compute all the time/ even have to deal with servers’ infrastructure. The execution of the code closer to the user further speeds things up.

Plus, the framework utilizes a GraphQL schema for the database, which makes it much easier to work with the API. It also uses a distributed database like FaunaDB that stores users’ data again closer to them, versus other databases like Firebase that must be located in a certain region.

To me this framework seems like the way of the future. It was started by the founder of GitHub, Tom Preston-Werner, makes testing a first-class citizen. This framework takes the best from the advances in the JavaScript world over the past couple of years. Highly recommend you check it out:

Also, if you need to spin up your own custom API fast for an iPhone app, I cannot recommend enough the Python framework called FastAPI. This framework finally matches, if not beats, the JavaScript languages in speed. It’s super easy/ simple to get up and running with it, spinning up your own custom API in as little as 10 lines of code. Find out more here:

Hi @RedFox1

Thanks for sharing about RedwoodJS! This is my first time hearing this framework! I will surely check this out. I used to work with a team who use SailsJS for our backend. This is easy to setup too.

Hi @RedFox1, thanks for the recommendations, I will definitely check them out!

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