Advise / direction for my app?

I’m wanting to build an app for my business (I do excavation work).

I need the app to:
-track income / expenses and produce a properly formatted income statement. Some expenses may client billable and should go directly into an invoice
-keep client contact info
-track projects (in process, que, next, etc.). Each client may have multiple projects.
-Time tracking and billing (also go to an invoice)

I’m currently using 4 different none which do everything they need to - I still have to do a lot of manual data manipulation and calculation.

My first question is can / should I put all of this into one app or can I make separate apps that can share information with each other?

My next question is: would anyone hazard a guess as to what it might cost to hire someone to build such an app? At the rate I’m learning about app building there’s a good chance I won’t live long enough to get this finished.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated .

Hey Ronnie,

Checkout to see what all you’d need to learn to build this app.

Honestly it makes sense to have like 4 apps do these things cause otherwise it gets very confusing for the user and they don’t know all of the things an app is capable of. Many apps have failed trying to be the “one stop shop” for all of these things. Everything you listed is pretty loaded and takes some time to build.

That being said, this app would likely cost several thousand dollars to be developed because of all the features you listed.

Thanks. You’ve confirmed what I suspected.