Aidan James - OMOA Challenge

This month I’m aiming to build a simple app using SwiftUI. I’ll use device location and the Open Weather API to get the weather conditions for my location. I’ll then throw this information at the world’s most basic algorithm to give me a yes or no answer to the this existential question: “Can I wear shorts today?”

Hahah I love it!!
Many a day have I ventured out only to regret my shorts decision and then have endure my fate!

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Very good! I will definitely be a potential user. hahahahaha

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  • Fetch user’s current location - complete
  • Fetch weather conditions for location - complete (kind of)

To do:

  • Fetch weather conditions for the entire day (not just right now)… What if now is great shorts weather, but later is only suitable for shorts professionals? Users need to know this stuff!
  • Get a forecast for the week to allow the user to pre-plan their shorts days.
  • Give the UI some pizzazz

Here’s the first iteration of the UI…

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