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Android developer want to learn iOS

I am Pravin. I am Android developer and I code it in Java, Kotlin. I have good experience in kotlin. Now I want to work on iOS also so I started learning it by Swift language.I seen/practised Swift from cws YouTube channel swift playlist and find it similar to Kotlin.
Now I want to start with iOS application development.Should I start with Swift with storyboard or Swift UI?

PS:I also worked on Jetpack compose for android which I heard similar to Swift UI i.e declarative and reactive.

What is your goal with learning iOS?

If you want to get a job with iOS you’ll need to learn UIKit if you just are curious, learn SwiftUI

Thanks @mikaelacaron for reply. I am already professional working android developer. so I have job. My goal is to create applications which support both platform. My intention to ask question was, while learning the swift UI is knowledge of UI kit necessary(pre-requisite)?

No it is not.