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Anyone else running into trouble?

I follow the lessons and it makes sense. I pass the quizzes. But when it comes to the challenges, I get stuck to a certain point where I can’t continue on. I tend to lose motivation. I’m trying not to because I love doing this, but the frustration of not getting it on my own is really getting to me. I can keep practicing and copy code from the lessons, then modify it but not sure if that’s going to get me where I need to be


You are not the only one who has struggled to understand how things work or take on a challenge and found it hard to solve. The more exercises you do the more you will learn. It’s all about practise and it’s OK to look at the solution if you have tried.

Watch the lessons again just in case there is something that you missed. Ask questions in this forum if there is something that you do not understand.

Above all, keep going. Eventually things will make sense.

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Thank you. Im sure you get this a lot but its very discouraging. Im sure ill break through it. Have you ever felt discouraged and wanting to give up when you first started?

I have the exact same frustration. There is so much that I don’t know. However, I tell myself I’m going to work on it everyday. Also, I will skip a challenge and move on sometimes because I don’t want to get mired down on one thing and lose my motivation. People are good about answering questions here and that helps.

So Im starting to get a bit more familiar with it. I’ve been working on the recipe app several times. The first time, doing it with the video… Once I finished, I started another project and put his code side by side to xcode and copied it… Then I created a new project copying the code but implementing my own recipe… Then one more project trying to use my own recipes without his code. That one took me longer and I did have to peak at his code to see what I was doing wrong in some parts. But it help me understand what each line of code is doing.

I love this community forum but I wish there was an app for it or maybe a discord or slack for it. Sometimes its difficult.

I like the idea of a study group