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Anyone know to use the Codable protocol with Firebase without using cocoapods?

The swift package manager seems so much more robust for adding package dependencies. And I have problems with cocoapods when downloading projects from githum.

I need the Codable protocol for a Firebase project but it seems that since the ForebaseFirestoreSwift package is not available through the swift package manager, then i am forced to use Cocoapods.

FirebaseFirestoreSwift is available via SPM.

After you select the firebase-ios-sdk and it goes through its initial validation process, you just need to scroll down the list of packages that are presented to choose from and select the one named FirebaseFirestoreSwift-Beta (as well as any other packages you require).

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Thank you very much, Chris. I did not know FirebaseFirestoreSwift was in that list!

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Awesome news mate. Hope a goes well from now on.