App development lesson 8

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Not sure if I’m using the same version as what Chris is using in his videos but my current version of Xcode is 11.1 and the layout and swift files that I get seems to differ from what is shown on Chris’s tutorial/lessons.

The link for the specific lesson that I’m referring to is this:

Also, in comparison to Chris’s mine didn’t have the ‘main.storyboard’ and ‘ViewController.swift’, so I did all the UI Interface lessons on my ‘LaunchScreen.storyboard’ instead. Additionally, I added a new swift file, creating the required ‘ViewController.swift’ on my own. However, as I proceeded to the next step of where the use of assistant editor is required, a ‘UIViewController.h’ tab was opened instead of the supposed ViewController.swift file. May I know if this is because of the version differences for our Xcode or did I screw up any of the parts?

P.S. This is my first time learning programming/coding related stuff and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to pull through the entire 29 day challenge!!! Please assist me people! Thank you!

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Hi Ken,

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When you create a project in Xcode 11.x , you need to make sure that where you name the project you also must select the right User Interface option. By default when you first install Xcode 11, the User Interface is set to SwiftUI. Change that to Storyboard and you will be good to go.

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