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App icon name different from project name

I would like the name that appears under the icon of the Home Screen to be different from the name of the project. I tried changing the ‘Display Name’ field in the Target->General page of the project folder, but that didn’t have any effect.

Can it be done?

Can you screenshot where you’re talking about? Yes it is completely possible to change that name and it seems like you did in the right spot

Try deleting the app from the simulator or your phone and run it again.

Also when you change the display name click enter afterwards

I pressed enter while the cursor was on the Display Name’ field. Then I ran the app in the simulator, closed the app, and the new name was displayed.

Then, I picked up my phone to re-build the app there and the new name was already showing! I know it
wasn’t there yesterday, when I did my last build.

I decided to experiment. I changed the Display Name again and did not hit Enter. It changed just fine in the simulator. Re-built on my phone and the new name was there.

I think there are gremlins in my Mac that are trying to make me look like an idiot. They’re doing a good job.