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App that let users log stuff

Hi there.
Im new here and well underway in the learn IOS in 90 days.
I want to make an app that let users register/log different things and store that on their phone. The app will do other stuff as well, but this kind of logging I’m not sure will be covered in the 90 days modul. Any thoughts on how I can make that work? Im thinking somehow writing into a JSON and have the JSON then be viewable in the app with these new entries.
The users should log a date (any date backwards from the todays date) and fill in a checklist of different stuff. This log entry will then be viewable as a list


Welcome to the community.

Sounds a bit like a diary kind of App. Is that a fair assumption?

You certainly could save the entires as a JSON file in the App Documents Folder and then read that back each time you open the App and be able to add, edit and delete entries.

Thanks for the reply.
Yeah a sort of diary/journal type. You log certain events that happens and your experience with those events. Besides the date and checklist with boxes you check off on where relevant, there might be a free-text field also.
Do you know of any courses here that can point me in the direction for saving entries into JSON and reading that in a list?

I’m not aware of one that might suit your needs. Most of the courses Chris Ching has created use a backend like Firebase to store data. I’ll ask the team and see if there are any that might cover what you need.

If there are not then it seems like an opportunity to create an app that shows how to read and write to the App documents directory.

This might be what you need:


That looks very much spot on. Will look into it more closely. Thank you :smiley: