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App with subscriber portals and map

OK, I’m not sure how to word my question, so let me tell you what I’m trying to do:

I’m building an app with a map page. It’s subscription-based. The subscribers are business owners and they will create an account to fill out their business profile. One of the features is that they will be able to promote/create/manage their business events. The app users are shoppers/clients.

I’m looking for the best way to create a database for this. Can you please give me your opinions and share your expertise?

Thank y’all so much!!

i am newbie, probs totally clueless, but my sense is that Firebase is probably the preferred, if not objectively best, database solution for IOS Apps.

CWC IOS Databases (SwiftUI) course, Module 1, provides what I think is an excellent guide to Firebase/Firestore.

Its very easy to get started with Firestore/Firebase. That is one reason that makes it objectively best database solution.

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Firebase is a great option! The hard part it’s going to be designing your database structure (if you have no previous experience doing this)

Also @havasu78 so you know too. Firebase is the company, it has tons of products under it, FireStore, is a type of database, there’s also the “Firebase Real-time database”

Firebase (typically when talking about this, I’m referring to the database, doesn’t matter which one) can handle authentication and database stuff for you!

Are you creating two separate apps? Or a single app that both users will use?

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Thanks for your comments, Mikaela. I am building one app which will require both a server database and user authentication protocols.

I think I do appreaciate that Firebase/Firestore will do that very effectively despite the fact that I don’t really know the difference yet:)

The Collection>>>Document structure of Firebase is simple enough.

So Mikaela, when you say “the hard part is the database structure,”, I think that you mean something along the lines of “The organization of data elements into a folder hierarchy has an impact not only on the performance of the app but perhaps more importantly on the ease to which the developers can implement the app. In other words, if you choose poorly on your folder hierarchy at the start, program development will take longer than if you choose well.” Did I get it right? Perhaps you can recommend some advisory articles on database structure?

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Exactly!! If you have no prior experience with how to organize a database, what you come up with may not be the most efficient.

And I usually start with Firebase docs for how to organize a database. But it is HIGHLY dependent on what your database is for, what you’re storing, how are you retrieving, etc

There is no one size fits all

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Looking into this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


Thank you for the heads up on the complexity! Jumping in with determination! :muscle:

I feel that building two apps- one for each audience would be the best option for my project. If you have feedback (pros and cons) on this, I’d love to hear it!

OMG, this is a very good point!! Thank you for bringing this up and, for sure, if there are courses on this, that would be very much appreciated as well!! I’ll also be on the lookout and share any vids i find :slight_smile: !

I think two apps would be your best bet. I haven’t researched too much about this, but thinking how some companies need two apps and see if yours is similar

(Uber / Uber driver) same with Lyft

If your apps look and do completely different things. Based on if it’s the business owner or users/customers, I’d make two apps

But beware this is definitely a lot of work ahead!!

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Trust me, this will def not be the last you hear of me, then! haha
Again, thanks so much!!

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