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Are CWC courses applicable to macOS app development?

Hi there. I just signed up to the 14 day challenge. Love the course content. Very easy to follow.

I’m interested in creating a macOS app using Swift. But all the courses seem to be iOS focussed. Is most of the content still applicable to creating a macOS app? Or best to look elsewhere? @CodeWithChris

@CodeWithChris can you answer this for me please?

Hi Adrien,

Welcome to the community.

Chris Ching may see your message and respond but generally the moderators and other contributors try to answer most of the questions given that Chris Ching is pretty busy creating content.

The courses Chris creates are mainly targeted at iOS Development. The content can be adapted to macOS. All you are dealing with is a different screen size.

The general thrust of macOS evolution is such that eventually the same Apps will run on macOS as they do on iOS.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response. Ok, so learning Swift through these iOS courses would still be beneficial to eventually creating a macOS app. As in, a lot of the code/logic etc. would be the same? There’d just be differences / adjustments that need to be made to for different screen size / platforms…

Essentially that’s the way I see it, yes