Are the lessons still the best place to start?

Back in 2016 I purchased ‘forever’ access to the CodeWithChris Academy IOS courses (How to make iphone apps for beginners, how to make iphone apps for intermediate, databases, fundamentals). Then we had twins and my IOS ambitions went on hold for four year. I have now resurfaced, and want to start again, but it seems that the CodeWithChris is more focused out of YouTube now…apologies for my confusion. Can someone please let me know if the Academy courses are still the right place to start, or are they now old-news, and I should be starting elsewhere?

They’re still great!!

There may have been some syntax changes here and there, but they’re still a great resource to get started.

check it out there is a free upgrade to the updated course the “ios foundations course 2019” the uses the latest xcode version to get you up to speed. if you dont find it in your account try contacting out costumer support