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Assisting with special use case: Buzz bracelet

Hi everyone, I’m looking to learn Swift in order to program the Buzz bracelet by Neosensory. Currently aiming for being able to take a data stream (the stock algorithm operates on the audio being captured around Buzz) and translate it to the vibrations. There’s an SDK through GitHub and pertinent information can be found at https://neosensory.com/developers/ . I’m in the process of learning exactly how the Buzz works, which is challenging as is, and my coding experience is super limited and rusty; so I’m looking for a community that can sort of help me along my journey. Definitely looking to subscribe if anyone thinks they can help!

Hi @DrinkWildTurkey

Welcome to the community!

Really your best route is to worth through the tutorials and challenges before you take on your own project. This way you have built up a background of skills which you can employ in your own projects.
There are many expert developers here to help you over the rough spots as you build that library of skills.

Best to you on the journey!