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Attribute Inspector not showing

I have a project and the Attribute Inspector is gone. I can’t figure out how to bring it back. I’ve included a screen shot of the corner of xocde.

I seem to have also lost the preview pane. I can run in the simulator but no preview.

Welcome to the community! You should ask this in the App Development category, or a specific one related to the course you’re taking if you’re in CWC+.

I’ll move this to the proper category for you.

Are you trying to follow a SwiftUI tutorial or UIKit?

It looks like you created a SwiftUI project.
The preview pane can be opened with clicking the lines next to those two arrows

Thanks. I’m finishing up IOS Foundations. I think the Attribute Inspector problem may be related to my attempts to reuse/rename a project. I’ve started a fresh one and the Attribute Inspector is back where it should be.

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