AutoLayout for SwiftUI

Please consider making a tutorial on handling multiple size screens in SwiftUI!

You can check on how it looks on different devices by adding this in your Preview code:

ForEach( [
], id: \.self) { scheme in
    //            .previewDevice("iPhone 8")
    //            .previewDevice(.sizeThatFits)
    //            .previewDevice("iPhone 8 Plus")
    //            .previewDevice("iPhone 11")
    //            .previewDevice("iPhone 11 Pro")
    //            .previewDevice("iPhone 11 Pro Max")
    //            .previewDevice(.fixed(width: 500, height: 800))

This gives you two Preview devices on your canvas. All you now need to do is uncomment the particular device you want to look at in both light and dark mode.