Background Margins and Standard Values, War Card Game, lesson 4

Hey guys! Not 100% sure I’m posting in the right place, so let me know if this has been answered elsewhere (I couldn’t find it…)

I’m making my way through the app building tutorial and I’m working through lesson 4 (“Your First User Interface (2020) - Lesson 4”, specifically. :slight_smile:

When I go to set up the constraints for my background, it’s giving me fits trying to fill the whole screen, not just the safe area. I select “View” over safe area in the individual constraints pulldowns. Then I try to set the point distance to 0, but every time I do it that way, it automatically sets itself back to “Use Standard Value” (which seems to be 20). I even tried dragging it to the edges and then selecting “Use Canvas Value”. HELP! :slight_smile:

Update: In fiddling with it, I think I may have solved it by adjusting the individual constraints within the Attributes inspector. I selected the constants and selected “Use Canvas Value” there, and it seems to be “sticking”. Any thoughts on why it’s not working as easily as in the tutorial? Is Standard Value something you can turn off? How d’you get it to stop reverting to something you didn’t choose?

hello, we are not really sure why its set like that by apple but we believe its some bug since xcode 11.3. this is the thread where they talked about this

It looks like that link is private. I am having the same issue, so it is not possible to “fill” the whole screen with 11.3?

Hey guys! Check this out! It works for me if I set constraints each individual rather than all at once