Button Malfunction


My name is Tyler Hunt and I just want to start by saying that I love the service that you all are giving out willingly! Its such a big help to sooooo many people! You guys are so knowledgeable.

In my app development process, I’ve gotten a few of my buttons to work. My sign up button works and its routed to the correct screen. But for some odd reason, I can’t get my “BACK” button to work. I’ve done all of the same steps I did to make my sign up button work but it still doesn’t want to act properly. Could someone help me maybe fix this? I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. :confused:

Is there a way we can share screens? to make this easier.

Yes you should be able to add screenshots to this post!!

Please post the screenshot, and also your code that doesn’t work!

ok I think I found a way to fix my back button issue and it is working fine for now.

I do have another question though,

Im trying to get my continue button to work that’s on top of my scroll view. It doesn’t seem to do the proper function. When pressed, it doesn’t do anything despite the code that I put on it. All of my other buttons are working good but its just this one button that I have on top of my scroll view that isn’t. Does the scroll view have anything to do with this button not wanting to work? and would you like for me to upload a screenshot of this?