Can an app be populated by a spreadsheet?

I’m looking at developing a basic app to list local resources such as free counseling, substance abuse programs, etc and I have no idea where to start. The important thing is the ability to have the information be populated through a spreadsheet so that multiple people can edit the content without giving them access to the backend coding and having to teach them.

I’ve tried googling but the databases that pop up are for userdata so I might just not know the exact phrase or term. The closest example I pinpoint to is AppSheets but with with a search/filter function similiar to Yelp.

Are there any tutorials or some term to point me in the right direction? Maybe one of the existing databases has a web interface.

Hi @ParacosmicThom

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I would use Core Data , and pre-populate the data as Chris did in the Guidebook app. Just use Text Fields rather than labels so folks can edit the data and save it back to the database.

Good luck and welcome !