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Can you Learn Core Data from Pictures?

Looking for Core Data beta readers

Hello CWC Coding Crew! (CWCCC)

I’m Chris’s BEST friend and he said I could share a beta copy of my “Core Data Mastery in SwiftUI” book here. :smiley:

Haha, Chris and I have known each other for a long time and I don’t have a community of my own anymore. And I wanted to do a small-scale release and get some feedback while creating this book.

So I asked Chris if I could share this with his community and he said yes!

Who am I?

I’m Mark Moeykens and I started a book publishing business a few years ago.

I think most tech books are boring!

So I created visual picturebooks with code samples. Most topics are taught on just a single page.

It’s a different way to learn.

And this Core Data book is no different. Lots of pictures and code examples, little words.

Core Data Quick Start

This is a shorter version of the mastery book. I want to make sure the concepts at the beginning make sense to others.

No prior knowledge of Core Data is needed!

So, are you in?


Get the beta book here.

Note: This is a PRIVATE link. Please do not share it outside this group. Thank you. :blush:


When I initially saw the post I thought to myself, “Why is Mark asking that question, he would be a gun coder with Core Data!”. Then I read the post. Now this could be interesting.


Ha. I thought the same

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Thanks Mark! I absolutely love your books.

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No problem! :blush:

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Yeah man, any feedback is appreciated.

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This is perfect timing for me. I’ve completed the CoreData section of the iOS Databases course, but I don’t think much of it has sunk in. I get the concepts, and I’ve followed Chris’s tutorial, but my brain is struggling to fit the two together.

I’ve had a few days away to clear my head and get some non-iOS tasks completed, but I’ll be back within the next day or two so your book is going to get some of my attention.

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Sorry, just got sidetracked with your SwiftUI Views Specialist Course.

Although I’ve gone through several CWC+ courses, I’m worried that not too much has sunk in. I decided to take a look at your courses, as both a refresher and hoping for a different way to look at things to help get my brain in gear.

So far I’m loving your presentation style. I think this is really going to help me out.

Hi @mark.moeykens

I just recently completed the Swift UI Views Specialist course, which is really really good. I especially liked your humor in the presentations, well done. I then read the entire SwiftUI Views Quick Start book during my short vacation and the presentation is awesome.
So when I saw that I could have a glimpse into the Core Data Quick Start book, I immediately downloaded it and just finished the updated version (23-May). Furthermore, I just provided my feedback on the book, and I hope that this is valuable for you.

The combination of Chris’ and your courses/books is incredible helpful for me. I will certainly buy another book from you after I completed the related tutorial from (CodeWith)Chris.

Once again, the style/presentation in your books is brilliant. Maybe, just as a general idea, it might be helpful for beginners to give a challenge to the reader at the end of a chapter, i.e. show a one/two/three screen app and ask the reader to create this view/functionality. In that way, the reader could test himself/herself if the topic presented is really understood.