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Cancelling membership - Three paid - needs cancelling as soon as possible. Thanks

Hi Chris,
I’ve paid for the course three times in the last hour because it’s saying I still need to accept the terms and conditions all of the transactions have gone through and I need a refund as soon as possible as the money has left my account for all the memberships I’ve purchased while your website isn’t making it obvious as to how to accept the terms and conditions. Here is what I’m being faced with.

Update: All the accounts work but they said I needed to agree to the terms and conditions and didn’t make it obvious that I had done so until I had read my emails.
Thanks Chris.

Sorry for seeming so alarmed. I know you’ve not meant to. I just don’t have masses of savings and need money in my account at the moment. I hope you understand. I’ve sent an email to your care team from the email I bought two identical accounts from. A separate email to the one I’m using for this account. Hopefully we can sort this soon. This account has the CWC+ features but it wasn’t obvious that it was authorised because of the please agree to terms red error that popped up.

Thanks Chris.

Please email care@codewithchris.com for this request!!