Cashless Service App

Good day everyone,

I am looking for some advice and basically for someone to put me on the right path. I am an electronic engineer so I have a fair amount of coding experience.

I would like to build an App where someone could offer a physical service like a car wash and then the client could pay through the App.

Which backend would you guys suggest I use? Also, I would like to analyze the data for the service provider, track the transactions, do some business accounting based on the transactions. Does this mean I would need to integrate both Firebase/Firestore and Moltin??

I hope somone could clear this up because I am very confused at the moment and it’s stopping my momentum. Thank you!

Check out to get started figuring out what you’d need for your app.

But honestly with a service based app you must use StoreKit to process those payments and with that Apple will take a 30% cut on all transactions, just something to think about