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ChatApp - Implementing Push Notifications when App is Inactive or in Background


Hello, I was wondering if you were going to demonstrate how to apply push notifications to the chat app? I would find it super insightful if it’s in the plans down the line :slight_smile:

I was able to apply push notifications while the app stays open but not when the app goes in the background or goes inactive. If you have any resources for applying push notifications based on changes applied to the Firebase data such as the class Chat or ChatMessage, it would be super interesting!

After multiple days of non-stop research and reading through firebase documentation, I got to figure out a way. Wasn’t easy hahha Would still be helpful down the line to see your way as you always have simpler solutions than my work arounds that are based on trial and error ^^

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Hey there! Thanks for the suggestion! I’m glad you were able to figure it out so far. But we’ll definitely take note of it and work towards creating a related tutorial in the near future for other students who may want to learn the same thing. :grin: