Chris' Devblog - Devblog 7 (Feb 25 2020)

Devblog 1

Hey CodeCrew!

Last week i posted a video on my YouTube channel talking about my theme for 2020: Keeping it simple.

In terms of CodeWithChris, it’s really become a bit of a machine and there are so many moving parts that I really lost touch with how it all began… which is me coding and sharing.

So in 2020, my focus is to go back to doing that. Coding and sharing.

One of the ways that I intend to do that is by keeping a devblog about what I’m working on, what I’m learning, what’s been challenging me and how I’m growing as a person (developer, founder, father, husband, brother, son…)

I’ll talk mostly about coding but for the longest time, I’ve wanted some other outlet for personal thoughts. I thought about starting another YouTube channel but that never seemed like the right move either.

Now that I have this new direction with CodeWithChris to bring it back to its roots, i think this is the perfect place for me to share everything.

Thanks for reading/listening and I hope you stick around :slight_smile:


Love your attitude Chris! Always good to go back to your roots and remember why you started everything in the first place!

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Thank you so much Mikaela!!

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Devblog 2

Hey CodeCrew,

Yesterday I sat down to continue my SwiftUI journey. There’s a lot of good stuff from the WWDC session videos and I find that they do a really good job of explaining things. Make sure you check those out if you haven’t already!

One of the things that just “clicked” for me is what an amazing job SwiftUI does at eliminating the need for a View Controller. I mean, it’s hard to wrap my head around NOT having a view controller because I’m so used to using it.

SwiftUI has several different ways to allow your views to bind directly to your data so that any updates to the data results in your views updating automatically. This used to be the job of the view controller and furthermore, you had to manually manage all of the view updating by yourself.

So I definitely think it’s a better way to build apps but I’m just waiting for it to mature a little bit before committing to using it completely. For now, I think I’ll continue to update my content with UIKit.

The photo is of a demo that I’m working on as part of my YouTube SwiftUI series. First I plan to demonstrate building this app the “dumb” way. Then I’ll illustrate the key SwiftUI concepts for data flow and view building and finally, we’ll refactor the app using the best practices.

To cap it off, we’ll have a challenge to take the app further. Fun times! :slight_smile:


Devblog 3

Hey CodeCrew,

Yesterday, I finally got around to releasing the sixth lesson of my beginner SwiftUI series which culminates in building a simple slots app. (

I took so long to release this lesson because I wanted to add some jazzy animations to it but I never got around to diving into SwiftUI animations and this series is way past due already.

Quick shoutout to Mark Moeykens ( because that’s where I’m going to get my SwiftUI animation education!

My next SwiftUI app is going to teach some more complex stuff and hopefully include some animations :wink: But first… i have to build it :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of finishing off apps, there are a few that i started on YouTube that are still outstanding… (i’m terrible!)

I was in the process of building a Pomodoro Timer which I was going to integrate social features into and I was also going to do a Gratitude Journal app.

Lots to do… feeling a bit overwhelmed but excited to dig in!

PS. Do you guys have trouble focusing too? What’s your favorite way to unload and capture your thoughts so you can focus on the task at hand?


Hi Chris,

I finish the Exercise (Lesson 6 - SwiftUI Build a Slots App).


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Awesome job!! Glad to see that :slight_smile: In the upcoming few videos, i’ll have a challenge related to this slots app to improve it and add 3 rows!

Btw, your post is unrelated to my journal posts! Next time create a new topic instead :slight_smile:

Devblog 4 (re-post from Feb 13)

Hey CodeCrew,

This code is some experimenting I’m doing with a image text recognition API… more on that in a sec.

I’ve been heads down working on upcoming videos for the channel… can’t wait to share them with you!

If you missed my February update video, I mentioned that I’m trying to lay down some ground work right now before going nuts with app series.

So stuff like tutorials for working with source control, some design basics, working with APIs etc.

Speaking of APIs, I rounded up your comments on which API I should show how to use and here are the results:

Spotify API
A Geolocation API
Tensorflow API
An OAuth example
Brokerage APIs
Machine Learning API
Weather API
Google Maps API
Facebook API
Dropbox API (This one is my entry heh)

There’s some really interesting stuff! I think over time, I’ll show all of them but right now I want to use an example where we don’t have an SDK to use because I want to show how to put the parameters in the request header and body like in the screenshot.

That’s going to get us ready to do some interesting stuff together! So stay tuned for more videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already! (

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Devblog 5

Hey CodeCrew,

Do you get into these mental states where you feel scattered because you have too many things you want to accomplish simultaneously?

That’s been me recently…

There’s the stuff I want to do with you guys, here at CWC. Doing app series and progressing in the difficulty level as we’ve been talking about over the past weeks.

I also want to try making money with apps which would go hand in hand with the content for CodeWithChris. I imagine that there’s also a portion of you guys who want to do the same so this would be an interesting journey to go on together.

I also want to share my entrepreneurial lessons from building CodeWithChris into a full time business because it’s such a waste not to share and try to help others who aspire to build an online content business.

My wife and I want to start a family website/channel (mostly spearheaded by her) to share our recipes and stuff.

Finally, I also have an idea in the back my head for another non-tech YouTube channel which I may just never get around to doing.

You know what happens to me when I get scattered like this?

Ashamedly, i hit the escape button and drown myself in video games… totally achieving nothing. (except high scores i guess)

So today, i’ve finally had enough of this and I feel re-invigorated to tackle everything.

It’s good… i feel like a million bucks and I’m getting things done

(One of the downsides of working for yourself is that you have to be self-driven for long periods of time… for me, I go through good and bad periods.)

On a side note… Wow it seems like you guys really liked my last video on working with any API!

I was a bit surprised because I thought there was only a small segment of intermediate-advanced devs in my audience. I guess this tells me that there’s more of you out there than I think!

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Devblog 6

Hey CodeCrew,

Last weekend, we had some friends over and one of them showed me a home security app idea that he was working on.

The interesting thing was that he was building it with Flutter!

He told me about how easy it was to get up and running, although he had some trouble compiling for iOS due to the libraries he was using. He had it working fine on Android.

Even more interesting, he had tried to use React Native first but he (and 2 other friends) found it really hard to get started with.

It got me interested and I’m thinking about checking out Flutter and React Native in the near future.


Devblog 7

Hey CodeCrew,

I want to share a small victory with you guys.

Do you have any habits you’ve been wanting to change but it just hasn’t been happening?

Well for me, it’s been those few hours after 10 pm when my kids have gone to bed. They’re still on the younger side so it’s physically and mentally draining. Often times, when my free time starts at 10 pm, every ounce of patience and willpower I had is gone.

I love them to death but after they’ve gone to bed, the last thing on my mind is doing something productive!

I’ve noticed that the trigger is the couch. If i go sit on the couch, i’ll turn on the tv and bring out the snacks. Not only am I wasting time but I’m also eating crap.

So recently, i’ve decided not to sit on the couch. Instead, i get ready for bed and get into bed. From there, I can read a book, go on my laptop, phone… whatever. (If i fall asleep, at least I’ll get enough sleep)

That actually stopped me from munching on snacks and I ended up redesigning badges for this forum! Heavily inspired by Apple Watch badges hehe

So if you’ve been trying to make a positive change, consider changing the environment rather than trying to fight it head on!