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Chris Parker's NBA App Journal

Well I decided to have a crack at this challenge having avoided doing any of them so far. Not because I wasn’t interested but because I just had not gotten around to it.

Due to the restrictions on the number of calls you can make to the API on sportsdata.io I opted to run a couple of API’s in the documentation to provide JSON files to add into the project. Given the season was already over there was no scheduled games that have yet to be played so I decided to “manipulate” the scheduled games to allow me to create a “Yesterday”, “Today” and “Tomorrow” scenario.

While quite a few people used the third party SVGKit framework to deal with the SVG images, I had a look at that and it was a hassle so decided to download all of the SVG images and add them to the Assets catalogue. I had to create a PNG version for 3 of the team images but that was easy using Sketch as some of the layers were not visible in the App using the SVG image. The App was faster as a result too.

Anyway I have completed the project and here are a few screen shots to illustrate the look of it. It’s pretty much like the sample specified in the challenge video but I gave it my own flavour albeit somewhat subtle.

No Dark mode since the shadows don’t work in Dark mode.