Chris, You should make a video on how to check if a users has signed up in firebase and how to change the initial view controller pragmatically so a user doesn't have to login everytime

I followed and used your Firebase Login Authentication video but I’m running in the problem with checking if my users have signed up and then setting my initial view controller from navigation controller to my home view controller if they successfully signed up. I am trying to do this so my users don’t have to login every time they open my app. Most posts on stack overview on this subject are very confusing.

Thanks, Respectfully,
Sean O’Neal

Hi Sean!

You can accomplish this by using “UserDefaults”

These are like little pieces of data you can use throughout your app.

After a user logs in, you can set a “UserDefault” value fo true, and then before your app runs you can check the value of the UserDefault to see if it’s true or false

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