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City Sights open / close

Hey all

I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong but under the detailView screen where it shows if the business is open or closed, it doesn’t seem to work for me. It shows open for every business…

I did download Chris’s project and run it in a simulator and set the location for my area and shows open for everything as well. It is pretty late where I am and I know some businesses that I checked for are actually closed.

I checked Yelp for the same business and it does show closed there. Not sure if its an issue with Yelp’s API, but has anyone working on this project show some businesses closed?

The property from the API that Chris Ching used refers to the business being permanently closed rather than is it open now or closed now.

This thread from one of the students shows how to retrieve the is_open_now property from the hours data which is returned from the API call.

Hey thanks! It looks like the link isn’t working.

You should have access to that link. All students should have access to the student section of this community forum.

To have that corrected, send an email to care@codewithchris.com