Code Cheat Sheets

Hi! Im wondering if there are any coding cheat sheets that are available? Im understanding the concept now but havent memorized all the different. I have been looking for them but havent seen them in any of the materials or exercise worksheets. Please let me know. Thanks! I appreciate your time.

Hi Phil,
Are you following one of Chris Ching’s paid courses such as the iOS Foundations course?

If you are then the course materials can be found in the Introduction section under the heading “Materials For This Course”. On the following page there is a link that takes you to a Dropbox folder structure with each folder name matching the associated Module. In that list you will also see the file

Hi Chris,

Im following the 29 day course and I signed up for the CWC Plus membership. I haven’t heard of the iOS Foundations course. Also, after going through lesson 8 my War Game file has changed and now doesn’t show all the work Ive done on it. Any idea why that changed? Thanks

@pmlazalde it’s better if you use git for override such kind of issue so when your code lost then you can access see previous changes or revert back commit from git.

Hi Phil,

The iOS Foundations course is one of the many courses that are available through CWC+ membership.

You should be able to see all of them at this link (requires you to login of course).

That’s odd that you seem to have lost all your progress in the War Card Game. I assume that from time to time you ran the code on the simulator (that also causes the code to be saved without having to explicitly tap Command + S).

If you make changes to your code, but then do not run it on the simulator and then decide to close the project, Xcode will ask you if you want to save the changes or revert to the previous status. Always select Save unless you want to discard the changes you have made.

The comment by Sandip_Borad regarding using git is valid but that assumes you are familiar with the git process. If you are new to Xcode then any talk about git may as well be a conversation about speaking a foreign language. Git is something that all developers need to understand at some point but it’s a subject all on it’s own and takes some time to understand.