Code UIBotton (No storyboary)

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I want a special code UIBotton
Swift & swiftUI
I swear
I searched in googel but I couldn’t find what works for me…
I want just The code is passed from View controller

What do you mean “the code is passed from the view controller??”

Just in general a button programmatically?

Here’s a good overview of autolayout, completely programmatically. (This eventually will include a button)

In general you declared a variable of UIButton and add constraints

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Iam sorry
This not I want
I want (how create UIBoutton in swift programmatically and SwiftUI)
And I can Click on the button to navigate

Figuring out what keywords to google will help you in the long run with programming.

Googling: “UIButton programmatically Swift”
This is what I found:

Follow the same method for SwiftUI, I haven’t used it personally

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I didn’t notice that there was more than one video

Thanks very thanks :two_hearts::two_hearts: