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hey guys. I currently am in an online college for Information Technology, with a concentration in programming. It has some web design courses (which essentially tells you to go to w3schools and copy code), and python courses… etc. Bottom line is, there’s just a bunch of googling. When I look at posts online, it always calls for years of experience, plus a bachelors degree. My question is, do you actually need a bachelors degree? It seems like a certificate in Swift for instance… A very focused language, would be cheaper, and more beneficial. It seems like, for instance if you wanted to be a web designer, to just take courses on HTML, CSS, Java… database… MySQL, UML… or if youre into making apps, Swift and Python?

I feel like my degree is very vague (that I’m working on)… I saw your 2 youtube’s on what hiring officials look for. At least what you look for… Just was seeing if anyone could give their 2 cents on how I get qualified when you don’t get years of experience when no one will hire unless you have, years of experience (at least so the job postings say)

No it is not required for many jobs

Yes you can totally do this

If you can code, you can get a job coding!! You do NOT need to have a degree.

Yes some places do require it, but it is 100% possible to get a job as a software engineer without a degree

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Thank you for your response. One more - when looking for jobs, they always say, x amount of years of experience and a Bach degree (normally) but what about people more newer? One may say, the best way to learn is on the job, or as Chris says, practice projects. So, are there entry level software engineer jobs? Or how might one get the x amount of years requirement?

Most job postings are written by HR not actual engineers, if it says anywhere between 1-3 years of experience, when I was new, I’d just apply anyways

Honestly building your own projects is you attempting to get experience, just apply

It’s rare if you find a job posting that says “no experience required”

I would also suggest you look into internships, free lancing and stuff like that where you mostly won’t get paid (or paid very less), but it would help you put it up on your resume saying you worked at a particular company or product for a particular amount of years.