Cole iOS, Old Dude, New Tricks

I started with CWC last year, doing the free courses, just to get my feet wet and have a better idea of how app dev works.
I’m a cofounder of a small company in the fitness realm, one of the partners took time off during COVID to teach himself React and React Native, and build our companies first app. Till then we’d been using Excel spreadsheets as our main product.

This year I got back to learning SWIFT when I saw CWC had gone to a subscription model, and Chris was releasing SwiftUI tutorials. For whatever reason, SwiftUI just appeals to my brain more.

I got totally lost doing the UI Kit tutorials when they hit delegates. It just felt too mechanical and no logic for me.

Anyway having a great time doing SwiftUI now.

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welcome to the party!

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Just finished the Recipe app, Module 2.

Still have the final challenge to complete, but I think I’m going to run through the entire module one more time just to get a better handle on some of the details first.

It’s funny it all makes sense while Chris is explaining it, but when I try to solve the later challenges I find myself getting tangled up. Eventually it gets solved, but I think that 2nd pass will help me grasp the sticking points and not feel like I’m just copying the tutorials.

I know right! It all gets jumbled up in your head or you miss one tiny syntax and the whole thing goes berserk lol

Debugging can be super frustrating but it does feel great to figure it out

Yesterday I was working on a table view and having some issues with bugs, fix one and another pops up like 5 times in a row. I ended up just closing the laptop and walking away. Then a few hours later I opened it back up, hit run and it magically worked!! Lol I have no idea what happened

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LOL I made a few successful apps a few years back in coaco touch. Didn’t think I would be making any more because of how much of a pain it was back then.

I’m giving it another go with SwiftUI, it almost feels like making apps out of HTML/PHP still trying to get a firm grasp on MVVM. SwiftUI is totally different.

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Every day you learn something new, it’s a good day I reckon.

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I went through the second module a second time, doing all the challenges.
Absolutely worth doing for me, funny how memory works with this sort of stuff. Some modules felt like I’d never seen them before. I think some of the challenges may have taken longer, because I understood the questions better the 2nd time, and tried to solve them with learning in mind rather than just getting them done.

The GitHub module was a quickie, so did that and up to lesson 3 in Module 4 this week.

The challenge was trickier than expected, in part because I wanted to use some of the MVVM concepts. Where the syntax still trips me up. Had a screen fulll of error messages at multiple points, but managed to break it down, and had one of those flashes hours after giving up on incorporating MVVM, but went right back and solved it in 5 minutes once I’d realized my syntax error.