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Computer for Xcode

Hello everyone.

Im just a begginer in swift.
currently im using a laptop MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2019), its a bit slow.
just wondering what would be a decent computer to start doing some serious apps ??

Thanks all for your opinions.
Jiorge Lopes

I hear many people extolling the virtues of the Mac Mini with the M1 chip. Of course if you buy one of those you need an external monitor and a keyboard and a mouse. The M1 chip makes everything run so much faster so that’s a plus.

It depends on your budget of course.


Also note that I’m currently using a MacBook Pro from 2016 and it works perfectly fine for me. (An i5 with only 8GB of RAM)

Remember you don’t need the latest and greatest gear to get started

That said I’ve heard great things about the M1 Macs

I use the M1 Mac mini and also the m1 Macbook Air… I also have the M1 iMac… They are all great for development.