Constraint issue for devices SE(2nd gen) and 4s

In Exercise - Lesson 4: User Interface (Module 1)… I was able to complete the exercise successfully.

I created the design as per device iphone 8 plus.
But as soon as I changed the device to SE(2nd gen) and 4s… I gotconstraint issues.
Where can I get the solution to fix the constraint issue for devices like
SE(2nd, 1st gen) and 4s ??

Hello… Iphone 8 and below have lower resolutions than iphone 8 plus and above…

To fix this you may need to manually redo the contraints for these older devices
On your storyboard select the phone using “view as” then change to your preffered constraints (maybe make the image smaller) by doing a “vary traits”

Hello… does the solution file in dropdox contains this solution ??

Sadly no just the basic solution / project