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Content / Text heavy App -- need help constructing VCs from database

Hello!! I am working on an app that is very content heavy - as in a textbook style app. I am currently keeping my data in Firebase as HTML and then decoding that for display in a view on my app. This approach is very limiting and ultimately does not look very good.

The reason I decided to do it this way is because the data will need to be regularly updated and managed by a non-coding person. The data is pulled into a web interface with a WYSIWYG text editor, which the user can simply update, then upload back into Firebase.

An example of an app that does what I want is the NYSORA app, though I know this is something most people are unfamiliar with.

Any advice on how to go about solving this conundrum???

it shouldn’t be a problem though since you can have millions of data and it should still run just fine… maybe your issue is the “loading” part? this should be done asynchronously so it loads the data (book pages) slowly while not freezing your app

Thanks for the reply. The problem is not the amount of data or displaying it. It’s more about data structure. Imagine you were going to ha e a long document displayed in an app. The document has text, images, tables etc. Also the document has to be editable by administrators and updated from time to time. But a PDF is not sufficient. I have attached a screenshot of an app I am modeling after. The documents the info is coming from are more than 50 pages long, which we are going to simplify and summarize into an app.

Hopefully that background helps