Course bundle reviews. SwiftUI course?

I am considering purchasing the complete bundle course within the next few days. I am ok with learning UIKit but am wondering if there is a SwiftUI course in the works?

If so will I get the course as part of my purchase once it is released or will I have to purchase it separately?

Also: I’m having trouble finding reviews online for the course. Can anybody leave me some feedback here before I make my purchase? Should I bother with UIKit at this point in my learning journey?

Thank you in advance.

I’m ready for lesson 11, but would prefer to pay by the lesson starting with lesson 11.

Hi @rjcast85,

I purchased all the course some years ago and I am SO glad I did. Not only were they a great teaching tool for me, but I often refer back to them as I am building other apps. I am a bit of a slow learner!

I REALLY love SwiftUI in terms of creating a working UI for the app. It is so elegant and simple. I find that adding some methods with SwiftUI is MUCH harder than it was with UIKit. For example, creating a share sheet was a simple process in UIKit and it is giving me quite a headache in SwiftUI. Popping up a sheet is a matter of course, but getting the data into a share sheet is a brain teaser so far for me.

Consequently, I often fall back to creating a project in UIKit, mainly because of sheer volume of hours I have with it vs. SwiftUI. Almost every professional coder I have heard from, including folks at Apple, say that learning them both right now is the way to go.

I have been following Chris’ YouTube tutorials for SwiftUI and they are excellent as well. Since I do not have a paid account with Google I have to sit through the commercial interruptions, and I am glad Chris has offered this great resource. If he adds a paid course for SwiftUI, I will be first in line to purchase.

Finally, Alex Lindsay on Macbreak Weekly last year offered his highest praise and recommendation for Chris’ courses. I was nodding my head while I listened to the podcast!

My two cents!

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Thanks for the reply. I did look up the Macbreak weekly episode you talked about and was able to find it. I’ve decided I’m going to go for the course. I literally had to sell one of my possessions to get the money for this so I’m a little nervous to give it all away in one shot but I think it’s going to be worth it. Going to likely make the purchase today!

there should be a planned mini swiftui course in the works, which will not cost much if i remember (around $50) i think. but there are lots of free swiftUI videos on the youtube channel right now

Yes I’m sure Chris is workig on a course as we speak. I do want to try the free course on YouTube but I’m going to be to occupied with my paid course for a while. Eventually I’ll get around to SwiftUI.

What i really wish is if he adds a SwiftUI Course to the paid course bundle.(like another part of the bundle which will make the paid course bundle 4 courses instead of 3)

Yea that would be great. Wouldn’t be a bad idea either cause us paid customers would get it for free and new customers would be more likely to purchase the bundle if it included SwiftUI.