Create and upload apps for other companies?

Hello all!

I’m starting to learn app development since I have three customers who want me to create apps for them. They want me to do this since they don’t know anything about programming.

How can I upload apps to the App Store for my customers?
I understand that you need to register in the Apple Developer Program to be able to do this. Should I register my own company in the program or should I tell my customers to register their companies?

My customers are small companies that for now want to publish simple, free, public available apps.

Thanks for all tutorials, Chris!

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I would have the companies register and they can add you as part of the “team” and you’ll be able to submit apps for them.

The downside for uploading the apps on your behalf (under your own account) is that then they’ll probably ask you to update the app for them. And may expect you to do that without payment (if you’re a freelancer).

This could put you in a bad scenario…

Thanks for your reply!

Two of the customers are my relatives, so I completely trust them and I have already said that I can help them for free. In these cases, would it work that I register my own company in the Apple Developer Program, or are there other drawbacks with this approach to consider?

In that case it’s probably fine for those 2.