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Creating and in-app purchase

Hello, I recently had an app developed. It’s called Tread Check. It can analyze your tires condition by taking a picture of your tires tread. I am trying to create an in-App purchase for my app. Didn’t know it would require me find builders code to complete the process. My developer did provide me with all the source codes. But I have no idea how to find it and add it to the Apple connect console to create the in-app purchase. Please help! Thank you.

Welcome to the community! What kind of in app purchase are you going to create? Here’s more info on the different types

You are going to need to:

  • Add code to use the IAP, in your app, either by contacting your previous developer or finding a new one
  • Create the IAP in App Store Connect
  • Upload a new version of the app to App Store Connect