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[Current] NBA Stats Community App Challenge!

Hey CodeCrew,

We’ve got a new community app challenge!

Here’s a preview video of our solution: https://youtu.be/lt_gBCXiooA
(App and video made by Jesse on our team)

What are the app requirements?

For this challenge, you will be building an NBA Scores app that displays games and scores. You can use any Sports API you find, but we recommend using SportsData.io.

NOTE: SportsData.io offers an unlimited free trial, however, the data obtained from the API is scrambled , meaning data (such as scores) are purposely modified to be slightly inaccurate for the sake of the trial. This inaccuracy is not a concern for this challenge. However, if you wish to display exact scores, you will need to contact the sales department or look elsewhere.

Basic Requirements:

Your NBA Scores app should…

  • Connect to the API to retrieve team and games data
  • Display the games with the scores from yesterday (or however many days in the past as you wish), as well as team logos for the pair of teams in every game
  • Display future games scheduled for today and tomorrow (or however many days in the future as you wish), as well as team logos for the pair of teams in every game

Bonus specifications:

As a bonus, your app can…

  • Display up-to-date standings in a separate view for both Eastern and Western Conference

Further challenges:

To really spice things up, we challenge your app to…

  • Have a ‘favourite’ teams functionality
    • The user can select a team to be their favourite team
    • If the team played or are playing on a given day, that team’s game should be highlighted and displayed first

A preview of our solution:

  • Video (App and video made by Jesse on our team)
  • We’ll post the code to own solution on Aug 1!

What is this?

Given the set of requirements below, challenge yourself to build the app!

The exercise of thinking for yourself and coming up with your own solution is a valuable learning opportunity.

How do I participate?

Simply create your own topic in the Journal section of our forum and update it with your progress as you build your app. If you already have your own Journal thread, you can continue using that.

When your app is completed, record a video to show it in action. You can record a video directly from your iOS simulator by pressing CMD+R.

We’ll combine the videos together to make a showcase reel. Upload your video here:

What are the dates?

The challenge will run from July 1 to July 31.

What do I win?

Just by participating, you’ll learn a lot and earn a nifty new forum badge:

NBA Stats App Badge v3

At the end of the challenge, we’ll make our code available (in case you want to compare solutions) and I also want to make a video reel of all your creations!

What if I’m a beginner?

This challenge is meant for students who have already learned the basics since it’s going to require you to draw on prior experience.

If you’re just starting out, I recommend that you check out these resources instead to get up to speed and then you can participate in next month’s app challenge.

Can I do the challenge after the deadline?

Yes! It’ll always be available for you to attempt and earn the badge in the future.

However, if you’re ready to participate now, you’ll get to experience it with a whole group of people also attempting it at the same time!