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Custom Camera Button

Hi guys, I’m Alessio.
I was trying to develop an app which includes the element represented in the Image file.

My aim is to create a single placeholder view and then include 6 of it in another view.

I had some problems finding out how to do this and I
have some doubts on how to handle where the image will be stored. I’d like to save them in a Firestore DataBase

Hi Alessio,

Welcome to the community.

Are you coding this in SwiftUI or are you using UIKit?

Has the image been added to the Assets folder?

Chris P

Hi Chris, I’m coding in swiftUI but if there’s a way in UIKit it’s fine. The image will be taken by the camera on the iPhone/iPad


What code do you have so far for that particular screen where you are using that image?

Hi have no code, I’m trying to figure out how to get a single view with a button that behaves in the way I described before.

OK so the screen you posted above is what you want to create. I thought it was something you had already coded and you were using a placeholder image in each case.

Let me think about the best way to approach it.