CWC Module 3 (CardMatchApp) 'Win Condition'

CWC Module 3 (CardMatch App) ‘Win Condition’ video tutorial;

Hi all, Newbie here,
Stuck on trying to put a label into the View Controller Scene between background and stack view elements.
when I try moving the label from the library to the input point I just have a blue line appearing instead of a blue and white line.
Please advise, Google did’n help.

Using latest Big Sur .


what where you trying to do exactly? can you post some screenshots?

Hello, fuerte.francis, thanks for getting back to me.
I couldn’t do a screen shot whilst I selected a Label so here is a photo instead.
I cannot place the label at the blue lined insert point, it just inserts before(behind) Background… sorry, between Safe Area and Background.

Try putting the collection view below the label. and try embedding those two elements into a stack view.

The first step is to embed the collectionView in a Vertical StackView, set the stackView constraints and then add the label to the stackView by dragging it into the stackView just above the collectionView. It’s tricky getting the insert point to appear in the right place but just move your cursor up and down and slightly to the left until it recognises where you want to place it.

So is my approach or my advice wrong or is it correct?

No wasn’t suggesting that your advice was wrong or incorrect and I apologise if my reply gave you that impression.

My experience in this space has been that giving step by step explanations makes a difference in peoples understanding of the order in which to do things in storyboard. I’ve seen so many people struggle with it and I too have struggled with it.

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Thank you folks for getting back to me, I’ll have to come back to this topic.

I’ve just installed a new SSD ( my old mac was sooow slow!) and couldn’t transfer/copy the old volume over so I have to start again.

Maybe I’ll do it correctly the second time, though I’m thinking it may be because Chris is using a older version of Xcode on the tutorial.

we’ll see,

Hey ho.

Thank You all, problem solved,

I was just preparing to screen record the issue when I decided to re-watch Chris’ tutorial.

I realised that I got fixated on putting the label in the correct place.

Instead if one continues, ignoring where the label placed itself, with selecting both label and collection view and embedding them in a stack view they both end up within the stack view anyway, in the correct place.


Thanks again folks.

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no problem! glad you figured it out!