CWC Open Source Project

Hey Code Crew,

I’ve been in the community for a couple of months now and have taken my IOS Development skills to the next level! Since i’m on summer break, i have found myself with a lot of free time. I’m creating this topic to see if there are any members willing to help create some sort of an open source project. I’m sure most of y’all have the same goal to become a IOS Developer, so an open source project would be a huge benefit to develop skills with working together as a team.

I currently don’t have a specific idea on the app, so i’m all ears. This is project will be open for all CWC member regardless on skill level and experience. If this post interest you, please feel free to comment. I just want to create an opportunity to build relationships in the IOS development space.

Thank you,

Jacob L


I’ll be making a project for Hacktoberfest, that anyone is welcome to contribute to. This is an open source initiative that happens in October.

It’ll be posted on my GitHub profile and on my social media

If you want to immediately contribute to a project now, here’s one that you can get started with today

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