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CWC payment method - Does not support Apple Pay!

Hi CWC/Community,

I’m about to join CWC training courses but its bothering me that CWC is not supporting Apple Pay. Given that CWC is all about IOS development, Apple Pay should have been supported. I would need Apple Pay in my App if I’ll be successful to make one. If CWC can’t make it, then I won’t learn this in CWC?


The current payment setup that Chris Ching has in place is probably cost effective and from what I can tell over the years that I have been a moderator here, no-one else out of the 9,500 user has made any comment on whether or not Apple Pay is or is not supported. In the absence of a whole bunch of people commenting along those lines I would venture to say that the current process suits just about everyone.

Thanks Chris…

CWC allows you to pay via paypal… I believe same cost applies to either support PayPal or ApplePay.

IOS development → Since CWC is all about IOS development, it should showcase it can do Apple Pay. e.g. It would be weird to go into an Apple store and then they say they don’t support Apple Pay.

Saying 9500 members are fine without Apply is like saying world is fine without iPhone because people are happy with Nokia phones…

Apple Pay adds value by giving customer option, convenience, and ease of payment. You can also add risk/fraud when paying with credit card…

Anyways I paid using PayPal… Like those 9500 members you mentioned, I paid the usual way but customer experience would be been much better if I can pay with Apple Pay :slight_smile:

I would also prefer to use  Pay over PayPal when making a payment on line.