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CWC+ Tech Stack?

How was CWC+ built? What tech stack did you all use?

My guess is it is using one of the JavaScript frameworks like Node or React. It’s a nice layout and design. Plus, I like the continue pop-ups, the little congratulatory notes for completing a course, and I love that it even can save my place in a video.

I’m also impressed by how active the community is! This is almost like a StackOverflow for only Swift development. Plus, it has many answers not on the outside Internet.

This community forum was but using Discourse

The CWC+ platform is built using Thinkific

Oh cool, thanks!

Ah now I understand why Discord is so popular! To think, I was using it for months now without even knowing :slight_smile:

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This is Discourse it is different than Discord

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Haha nevermind, I stand corrected! Thanks :slight_smile:

Was definitely thinking of Discord…

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