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Database Connection


I want to create some apps that should be worked with local or server databases. do you have specific tutorials or books to get additional support ? also for local programs which database program is the best for apple? Also for server database could you offer some websites like using sql servers?

Welcome to the community!

When you mean “local or server databases” do you mean a local database (saved to the phone, and not the the cloud) and server database as (saved to the cloud and the local device itself)?

There are many ways to save data. CoreData and CloudKit are Apple’s native solution for a local and cloud database.

Firebase is a great option for a cloud database

Vapor is a new series to build your own API and cloud database (rather than the first two options already have a lot setup, Vapor is completely custom)

Local database : SQlite for example and for server database Cloudkit can be option but can I use SQL databases or oracle for these kind of connection?

You can use SQL databases for your backend, you’d need some kind of API to connect to your database.

I haven’t seen Oracle used too much, but I haven’t looked into it in-depth at all