Day 60 of the 28 Day Flip Card project.... :)

Hi All,

No issues here, just communicating my journey so far and seeing if anyone else had a similar experience.

I started very well, getting a real kick out of the early modules, especially when I was able to remember the syntax for increasing and decreasing the rockets fuel and thrust. Early wins, love it! Put the War Card game on my device and felt quite proud. I designed a very basic background in Adobe XD and using arrays and some of the skills I learnt in early modules, i created a very basic four word passphrase generator which work great. Again, built on my device, felt proud and showed most people. I used cheeky words for the fun factor. It was about using the skills to make my own tool and enforce the learning so far… tick :slight_smile:

Continued with the flip card game. The difficulty level increased, that’s ok, I love a challenge. So, hence ‘DAY 60 OF 28’. I have taken my time. Gone back several times to ensure I didn’t move on until I had at least a reasonable idea of what I was learning. 2 modules to go, have loved it but have also felt quite overwhelmed at times. I guess the ‘hump’ that Chris discussed has come to mind, although I would never give up. I am absolutely committed and excited. I have signed up to CWC+, so there is the proof of commitment. So, did anyone else feel like this? Any tips? Easiest way to explain it is a overwhelming feeling of being a little lost in the code. Wondering how I would structure my own sudo code to cover all aspects of required functionality etc. I played the Protocols module several times. Mapped it our on paper until I got it. I look at the code and can point out whats happening for most parts, but some parts, i get lost and tie myself in knots. Anyway, just a little feedback re my very early journey. Still loving it and extremely happy with my choice to take up development as a hobby. I am Head of IT at my organisation, but have never coded before.

All the best to everyone.


Hi Simon!

It is completely normal to feel like this!! Just remember, if programming were easy everybody would be doing it!

I documented my entire experience on my Instagram ( )

If you go back to my first posts, I started in the same place you are!

Now I have published 2 apps and am looking for my first iOS dev job

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Hi Simon,

I’ve just about finished the Flip Card project but have been taking my time as well trying to understand things as we go along. I’ve got a Ruby background programming experience and see familiarity between the Swift language and Ruby. I’ve found reading the Swift documentation helpful, however understanding Xcode is going to take me a long time.

The city I live in is under strict lock down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and so I’m finding I’ve got more time to devote to learning iOS app development.

My brain does feel like mush though after a session with Chris!



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Hi Mikaela,

Thanks for the reply.I found your Instagram profile inspiring! Congratulations on your achievements.

I’m still to have a good look through and read some of your earlier posts.

I look forward to chatting more :smiley:

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Hi Glen,

Thanks for the reply. What city are you in? I’m on the Gold Coast, Australia. We have been pretty lucky here so far, although things are going backwards in Victoria.

My brain feels like mush too regularly, but I feel like I have momentum to carry mew through the difficult moments.

Look forward to chatting more on this journey :slight_smile:

I’m down here in Melbourne so we’re all locked down pretty tight here. Enjoy your freedom!

Cheers, I hope things come good down there quickly.

@SCG feel free to DM me anytime on Instagram! (I don’t really check DMs here)

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Ah some more folks from Australia. I’m from Perth. Things are pretty safe over here for the moment thanks to the hard work and determination of our Premier, Mark McGowan and his team. Keep safe in Melbourne @Glen and @SCG up on the Gold Coast.

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Can we swap Premier’s? I don’t think ours is making the best decisions.